Cider vinegar with raspberry

Cider vinegar with raspberry

Cider vinegar with raspberry

Bottle 500 ml -  Acetic degree : 5 %

Elaboration :

Cider vinegar comes from the acetic fermentation of cider ("cidre à distiller") by a bacterium called Acetobacter. The fermentation takes place in a vat and it converts the cider alcohol into acetic acid. After that, raspberries are added to the preparation. 

When the fermentation process is over (a few months), cider vinegar is filtered, stabilized with SO2 and finally bottled.


Tasting :

  • Colour : amber

  • Looking : clear

  • Smelling : acetic


Serving suggestion :

Cider vinegar with raspberry is used to dress some salads (made from gizzards, breast fillet, foie gras…), to deglaze (duck breast fillet, fried foie gras…), to dress some fishes or leave to marinate (salmon, cod or tuna for example).


Preservation :

Keep sheltered from the light.

After a few weeks of oxygenation, as for any handmade vinegar, the vinegar mother is forming again. It is like a thin membrane which has to be eliminated by a simple filtration. As well, it can be saved to make its own home-made vinegar.


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