The calvados ages in 100 years old aok barrels in the cellar of the Domaine Pierre Huet at Cambremer.

The aging of Calvados

The Calvados ages in oak barrels. With time, the calvados becomes more balanced and acquires its main character thanks to the contact with the wood. The alcohol volume decreases gradually. This natural process is known as the "part des anges" (angels' share).

The ongoing exchanges between the calvados, the surrounding air and the tannic material in the wood contribute to the evolution of the "eau-de-vie". The roundness, hint of wood and subtlety will slowly take place in this process.

Little by little, the calvados colour will evolve from pale gold to deep amber. The calvados aromas will also intensify changing from a fresh apple flavour to a more complex bouquet with a taste of backed apples, woodiness, vanilla, honey or spices.

The cellar master's work is more than just leaving the calvados to age. His skills are required to combine various ages and different bouquets.

Once bottled, the calvados won't age any more.

Did you know ?

The calvados are divided in two categories : blends and vintages.

  • In case of blends : only the age of the youngest calvados is mentioned.
  • In case of vintages : the label indicates the year of distillation. The calvados age is the difference between the year of distillation and the date of bottling.