Cidre Bouché Brut

Cidre Bouché Brut

Cidre Bouché Brut

Bottle 75cl - 4% vol.

Elaboration :

Our Cidre Bouché Brut is made in the respect of traditional process making methods :

First the apple are picked up to the right maturation manually or mechanically / washed / crushed / the pulp is put into a vat open air to give the juice its colour and to release its aroma / the pulp is then pressed within an average productivity of 650 most liters per ton of apples (productivity limited to 750 liters) / natural clarification of the most / slow alcoholic fermentation (1 to 4 months) / natural froth creation in the bottle (minimum 3 months).

Annual production : 100 000 bottles.


Tasting :

  • Colour : amber, orange
  • Looking : clear
  • Smelling : aromatic


Serving suggestion :

The cider must be consumed fresh (between 8 and 10°C) and preferably in « ballon » or « tulipe » glasses.


The Cidre Brut which fermented about 4 months is usually drunk as an aperitif, alone or for a “kir normand” (with Crème de Cassis). It can be served during the meal (with cooked pork meats, grilled meat, galettes...).


Preservation :

In the bottle, the Cidre Bouché Brut continues on fermenting (due to the yeasts).

With optimal preservation conditions (around 10°C and upright stocking), the Cidre Bouché Brut can be kept between 1 and 2 years.


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