Millésime 1935 (Unavailable)

Millésime 1935 (Unavailable)

Calvados AOC Pays d'Auge Millésime 1935

Bottle of 700 ml - 40 % vol.

Certification :

Calvados Pays d'Auge (Certified Designation of Origin)


Ageing :

Minimum of 50 years in oak barrels


Number of bottle available :

900 bottles


Tasting :

First nose: fresh apple, grany apple immediately, then mushrooms nose (autumn and undergrowth scent). Nice balance, no bitterness nor acidity. Quiet and gentle “eau de vie” with light apple pie (tatin tart) aromas. Mouth : beautiful but lightly blurred by the reduction. Nose and mouth progressively reveal Madeira noses. Very beautiful Calvados.


Serving suggestion :

This Calvados must be consumed preferably in a Calvados or « tulipe » glasses, at 18–20 °C.

We advice to leave this Calvados about 15 minutes in a glass before tasting.


Preservation :

With optimal preservation conditions (constant cellar temperature), Calvados can be kept about 10 years.

To open these bottles, it is advised to cut the wax at the level of the joint between the cork and the bottle with a knife.


Authenticity :

On the top of this prestigious bottle is the seal « PH », which are the initials of our ancestor: Pierre Huet.

The year of the Millesime is indicated with wax on the neck of the bottle; made by hand.

The bottling date and the number of the bottle are written down on the back label.


Distillation :

The Calvados AOC Pays d’Auge is obtained through a process of double distillation of cider in a traditional copper still called “alambic à repasse” (which translates as a “double distillation still”).

First, the juice obtained by pressing the apples is completely fermented (12 months) in one hundred year old oak barrels.

Our still is heated by an innovative and unique process in Normandy: woodchips. Woodchips produced on the Estate serves as ecological combustible.

Calvados obtained is 70% proof. Finally the Calvados Cordon Argent ages in separate oak barrels for a minimum of 20 years.


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