Cider vinegar

Cider vinegar

Cider vinegar

Bottle 500 ml -  Acetic degree : 5 %

Elaboration :

Cider vinegar comes from the acetic fermentation of cider ("cidre à distiller") by a bacterium called Acetobacter.

When the fermentation process is over (a few months), cider vinegar is filtered, stabilized with SO2 and finally bottled.


Tasting :

  • Colour : yellow - orangey

  • Looking : clear

  • Smelling : acetic


Serving suggestion :

Cider vinegar is used for seasoning (vinaigrette…)

Thanks to its recognized qualities, our ancestors used it as a youth elixir. In fact, its benefits are varied: dermatological and hair care, digestion, stress, blood circulation, dynamism and much more…


Preservation :

Keep sheltered from the light.



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